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Cotton Doce® Bra - Reinforced Fabric - Without Wires and Seams

Cotton Doce® Bra - Reinforced Fabric - Without Wires and Seams

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The "Cotton Doce® Bra" you described is a type of bra with several features that aim to provide comfort and support. Here are the key features and details about this bra:

Design and Features:

Reinforced Fabric: The bra is designed with reinforced fabric for added durability and support. This feature helps maintain the shape of the bra.

Wireless and Seamless: This bra does not have wires or seams, which can often cause discomfort. The absence of wires and seams enhances comfort.

Adjustable Straps and Clasps: The bra features adjustable straps and clasps, allowing you to customize the fit to your preference for added comfort and support.

3/4 Cup with Removable Padding: The bra includes a super soft 3/4 cup with removable padding. This feature provides flexibility in shaping and coverage.

Breathable: The bra is made from breathable materials, which is essential for comfort during extended wear.

Elevation and Functionality: The design includes features like a V-neck and Siligel technology to provide shaping and support for the body.

Handles and Clasps:

Fully Adjustable Straps: The straps are fully adjustable, which means you can find the perfect fit for your body. This feature minimizes the possibility of strap marks on your skin.

4 Closure Adjustment Options: The bra has four closure adjustment options to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. This adjustability helps prevent marks on your clothing.

Fabric & Composition:

Materials: The bra is made from a combination of materials, including silk, fiber, elastane, and nylon.

Ultra-Soft Ice Silk Fabric: The bra features ultra-soft ice silk fabric. Ice silk is known for its smooth, cool-to-the-touch feel, making it a comfortable choice for intimate apparel.

The Cotton Doce® Bra appears to be designed for comfort, support, and adjustability. The combination of reinforced fabric, wireless and seamless design, adjustable features, and breathable materials is aimed at providing an ideal undergarment for daily wear.

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